Design Development starts with establishing your needs and desires for your event. Whether you are hesitant of which path to choose in the overall design of your event, or you are completely unsure of were to begin, we create the décor and styling options to easily facilitate your decision making. We go through themes, colors, vision boards, and more at our initial meeting; which is the discovery meeting. Mara Events wants to discover what your vision is, and bring it to life! Then we take the information given at our discovery meeting to vendor research or use one of our preferred vendors. We establish your points of interest for each vendor and present the one that best match your criteria along with your overall design. 

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Orchestrating the details on the day of your event can be challenging. Prior to the event we meet to coordinate the preferences and plans to schedule out the day and making sure everything runs smoothly. This process can begin between two months to three weeks before your event. We consider every vendor, guest, and design detail that will take place and execute the plan with exceptional professionalism. 

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