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Dearest followers, we thank you for your patience as we've been working on our Instagram issues and are happy to announce that we successfully created a new account. Our team at Mara Events will be delighted if you as a follower would share our page to help regain the follower we have lost. Thank you!

"...the greatest asset to our wedding..."

Where to start?! The greatest asset to our wedding... I’ve worked with Ashley and her team before as a florist vendor, and she’s always been a pleasure to work with. When it was time for my own wedding, I knew right away I would want and need her guidance to get me thru all the intricate planning details.
Then came on COVID, a change of venue two months before our wedding date, among other usual planning stresses... Ashley and her team went over and beyond from the start to days after. She handled all the vendor needs, itineraries, décor, clean up etc. All while always having a very sweet, professional, genuine concern for ensuring we did not take on anything I didn’t need to.
She was an absolute pleasure and wonderful support. Having Ashley the day of my wedding was truly a most wonderful blessing. Thank you again for all your support!
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