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“He hath made everything beautiful in His time”. The quoted bible verse that the Trabelsi couple held as a reminder for their wedding day. A phrase so relevant to many in this year and for Silvia and Alessio. It’s been said and experienced that God’s plans are greater than ours, and that He makes everything beautiful in His time.

For Silvia and Alessio that was true for their wedding day. Their plans had been to have their matrimony at the bride’s small church and continue with their celebration at a northern New Jersey venue. All the while their plans could not be fulfilled. But in the change of plans turned out to be everything that the bride and groom needed in order to have their friends and family present on the day of their wedding.

The couple decided, that although there was uncertainty in midst of the pandemic, they would continue to celebrate the love that has brought them together. In giving up their original location they were able to still invite all of their guests. And with that came some leeway in accommodating more guests to join their ceremony. They were able to share a raw moment of truth and love with all of their guest; the moment when they say I do and become husband and wife forever. They wholeheartedly sang and prayed as they entered into a covenant with each other.

Looking back to the moment of Silvia getting ready with her bridesmaids and Alessio patiently waiting for his bride; I truly was honored to be present in those cherished memories. I could feel the love and emotions than ran throughout each phase of the day. The anticipation to be married, the memory of those who couldn’t be there, and excitement to celebrate a life changing commitment. There is something so special about a wedding day. And even more special when you can finally see the one who works with you for weddings getting married herself!

When we remember to trust the Lord of his good plans and timing, we can see the beauty in the process. Allowing ourselves to step back and let His plans pave the way, we then realize all the possibilities we couldn’t see before.

And to my readers I end this story with this message: “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, all of your soul, and all of your mind; he will make your paths straight”.

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