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Applying for a Marriage License

Step by Step breakdown on How to Apply for Your Marriage License (New Jersey)

You've just got engaged and are filled with excitement as you book your venue, officiant, and vendors. Just don't forget one very important step and that's applying for your marriage license! Without it you won't be legally married.


Getting Started: Key factors to remember for your application.

When you are ready for the application process be sure to have your ceremony location, ceremony date, and officiant name and address readily available. Plans often change, especially when you have an outdoor ceremony planned, so don't sweat not being 100% sure if your outdoor ceremony will have to be changed to another location.

You'll also have to know where you'll be able to be reached after your ceremony along with two witnesses. Your witnesses for your application do not have to be the same witnesses for the day of your ceremony.

You can either downlead the application on the New Jersey Health Department Forms or go to your local registrar to complete it there. When using the downloadable application remember that you or your witnesses should not sign the application, it must be done in person at the local registrar's office.

Download form REG-77 or REG-77A.

The Application: What to bring and what are the requirements?

Each application would need to be at least 18 years of age to apply, need to bring a valid photo ID, proof of NJ residency, social security number, two witnesses (18 years or older), and $28 for the application fee.

Don't know which local registrar's office to apply to? Apply for the marriage license in the New Jersey municipality where either you or your fiancé resides in. If neither you nor your fiancé reside in New Jersey then submit the application of the municipality that your ceremony will be preformed. Here is a list of Local Vital Offices in New Jersey by county. Contact your local registrar's office to be sure if you could either walk-in or if an appointment is needed.

After the Wedding: What to do with your documents?

After you've applied you'll need to wait at least 72 hours before the license is issued. You'll receive five papers, two of which is white, one blue, one pink, and an instructions sheet. These papers are to be brought to your ceremony and either your event planner or officiant will handle them for you.

Your witnesses are to sign all four documents along with your officiant. But be careful! Don't scribble, mark, or cross out any mistakes when writing on those documents. The local registrar's office could reject the documents if they look to be altered in any way. After that you'll have five business days to return your marriage license to the registrar's office of the municipality that your ceremony was preformed.

Have you ever heard of a couple who got married but then a year later found out they weren't actually legally married? But how could that be true, they had the wedding, the officiant, the ceremony the real deal! Could it be that the officiant forgot to drop off the marriage license at the local registrar's office? Well it could be a possibility, and we've heard this story before. Luckily for our couples we've been shocked with this possibility that we make sure this does not happen!

Find out more of what we can do to help you with your wedding in our information package for wedding day coordination. And if you're in NJ or NY be sure to book a consultation meeting with us to chat with us and see if we are the right fit for you!

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